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Nick Little Photography

I picked up my first camera when I was 7 year old, one of these cube type box ones which took 120 roll film!

This took me from a hobby to a professional over the last 48 years.

I learned that everyone has their own individual outlook on the way they interpret things, not just in photography but in life; something that you cant teach.

My style, I have been told, is different. If I can capture a moment, a glimpse or an emotion that reaches the way one might interpret something, or translate something in a photograph by capturing lifes natural 3d and the resulting 2d image has a real 3d feel that reaches you, then I must be doing something right. I'm still learning!

My experience covers a wide range of disciplines from portraits to extreme sports, music to motorsports and generally anything photographable I'll give it my best. After all I feel learning never ends.

Thanks for visiting my homepage.

Hopefully I can work or share my time with you soon.

Nick Little


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